The IAAPA 2021 Pre-Game Show

Greetings readers, this is Adam the Arcadehero, and in lieu of Newsbytes this weekend, here is a preview of IAAPA 2021, a large tradeshow event focused on the arcade/amusement/theme park industry that takes place next week in Orlando, FL. If you’re unfamiliar with IAAPA, they’re a trade organization that organizes big events like this, with this namesake expo serving as the “E3” of the aforementioned amusement sector.

Where this blog is focused on arcades, that’s where the bulk of the reporting will go, although I will touch on other aspects here and there. One reader already asked me to check out some crane stuff, so I’ll see what I can do there 

First, let’s start with an hour-long video that I posted the other day, presenting the “Best of” knowledge at the time as to what will be there. After the video though, I will lay out some of the same info in case you’d prefer to read; But also note, some news has come along since I recorded this, so that will be placed below. There are several new pieces of information that have come to light, so please check it out!

Now for the text version + Additions!

American Pinball – Booth 215. Looks big enough for them to have all four of their games, although probably will focus more on Hot Wheels and Legends of Valhalla. Could they bring their redemption game back too?

Adrenaline Amusements – Booth 2015. Games expected: Twister(which was at AEI21); Debut of Zombie Smasher & Hungry Hungry Hippos; Reshows of games like Hot Wheels, probably Spinner Frenzy as the latter has been promoted on their social media quite recently.

Amusement Source International – Booth 600 & 604. While I expected games like Skip Time & Overtake VR to be there, a post I found from them on LinkedIn mentions Speed Rider 3DX and some crane machines. I guess that means no Speed Driver 5, unfortunately.

Andamiro USA – Booth 1800. Games expected: Similar redemption mix to what they brought to both IAAPA 2019 and AEI21. They sent out an email highlighting one new product addition: Spongebob Squarepants Ticket Coaster. Otherwise, the email did not mention Pump It Up nor Chrono Circle. :/

ANVIO VR – Booth 3273. Not mentioned in the video at the top, this Hungarian company promises a free-roam, multiplayer VR arena experience, claiming that they are the only ones to offer: “Every single physical movement is immediately visible to you and your fellow participants”

Arkadia VR – Booth 1829. This company is listed as Arkadia VR, however, in the profile it points you to a company called “Inowise.” They will show their 6-player arena VR product.

Bandai Namco Amusements – Booth 1300. This will also entail Bandai Namco Amusements Europe, so expect a bunch of Raw Thrills and Adrenaline products here too. Really unsure if we’ll see anything new from BNA, as I’ve heard nothing from them; Their website hasn’t been updated in a while and when they appeared at Pinball Expo recently, they were only showcasing Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash and some Pac-Man merchandise. There was supposed to be a game announcement earlier this year, but they delayed or canned it; The rumor I’ve been hearing from multiple sources (separate from the aforementioned game announcement) is that they have something related to Pac-Man Battle Royale in the works.

Bay Tek Entertainment – Booth 1015. I expect a similar booth to ASI, with Axe Master and Rock The Rim as the newest pieces. They usually show off protos that may or may not hit production at IAAPA too, but who knows this year give how things are. It’s a huge booth, so they have the space for everything on their games page and then some.

Betson – Booths 615 & 415. While technically Betson’s booth, this is really Raw Thrills‘ space. As mentioned in the video, I was told that they will not debut anything new at this event, due to the massive shipping delays currently disrupting their existing product lines. Such delays also appear to have caused some names on the RT game’s list to be discontinued – TMNT and The Walking Dead. So those two you can only get used from now on. Barring some last-last minute change of mind on their part (highly unlikely since you have to ship things a bit in advance of the show), the next time we’ll see a new-new piece from RT is at Amusement Expo ’22.

Bob’s Space Racers – Booths 2615 & 2821. Whac-A-Mole and their other redemption/theme park games. Don’t expect anything video-related.

Boxblaster VR – Booth 2891. While I would expect their 4-player VR setup, there’s a chance that they could also show their VR-Xperience product here too. That said, I would expect to find the latter at the Elaut USA booth since they’ve been working together on that.

VRX-Perience by Boxblaster and Benchmark Games International

Characters Unlimited – Booth 3712. They never do anything for video or pinball, but they always have cool stuff to show off, like Zoltar. I’m surprised to see them at IAAPA, as I’ve only seen them at Amusement Expo, but perhaps I overlooked them.

Chicago Gaming Co. – Booth 613. The Cactus Canyon pinball remake should be here, probably along with their other remake titles. I also would expect the Arcade Legends 3 and one of their foosball tables. I’d be surprised to see anything else new.

Coastal Amusements – Booth 1319. They have been big on importing Chinese games in recent years for videmption, but since the pandemic started, they’ve not announced anything new at all, so unsure what to expect. Not as big a booth as usual (I think I mistakenly said in the top video that it was big, but on a second look, not so much), so I’m expecting a repeat of their IAAPA 2019 mix.

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