A “Bonus One-Off” Splatfest Will Take Place In Splatoon 2 Next Month

Last week, Nintendo released a sizable patch for Splatoon 2, rebalancing multiple weapons in the game. If you thought that was it, though, think again. Although the team-based squid shooter hosted its final Splatfest last July (Pearl won, by the way), it’ll be doing a special “bonus one-off” event from 22nd May until 24th May. It’s Team Mayo verse Team Ketchup:

It’s a #Splatoon2 #Splatfest so contentious we have to do it twice! #TeamMayo and #TeamKetchup are back and it’s up to you to determine which sauce is the boss!

According to our sources, the last time this battle played out, Team Mayo won. In related news, there also be a special demo for the game (available between 29th April and 6th May). It will give players access to Turf War, Ranked Battle, and Salmon Run. During this same period, Splatoon 2 will be available for a reduced price and a 7-day trial of NSO will be on offer.

Which team will you be siding with? Leave a comment down below.

[Source: Nintendolife.com]

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