Eastern Exorcist Will Eventually Bring its Demon-Infested World to PlayStation 4

Eastern Exorcist, originally known as The Oriental Exorcist, will hit Steam Early Access next month on August 14th. There are still plans for the 2D side-scroller to make its way to the PlayStation 4. However, there’s no concrete launch date as of yet. For now, developer Wildfire Game and publisher Bilibili are simply saying the PS4 version will roll out “later down the line.”

In unveiling PC release details, Bilibili unleashed a brand-new trailer, replete with gameplay and a closer look at Eastern Exorcist’s stunning hand-painted art style:

Eastern Exorcist follows a lone exorcist as he battles his way through a harrowing, demon-infested world. The only weapon at his disposal is a sword, which players must master in order to fully unleash its devastating capabilities. As seen in the trailer above, this fast-paced homage to classic action-adventure titles brings something unique to the table, too, courtesy of the visual flair on display within each combat encounter.

The visuals especially pop thanks to the “hand-drawn Chinese ink painting style.” Both the characters and the surrounding scenes in Eastern Exorcist are nothing if not exceptionally striking. Tactical gameplay will accentuate the overall experience, evidenced in features such as stamina management.

Bilibili and Wildfire Game originally announced the side-scroller last summer. At the time, the companies were targeting a 2020 release date for both the PS4 and PC. It remains to be seen whether the PS4 version is still on track to launch this year.

Interestingly, all eyes were on Bilibili a few months ago when Sony invested heavily in the company, thus acquiring a minority stake. In addition to publishing a number of games in China, Bilibili is also quite the streaming giant.

[Source: Bilibili via Gematsu]

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