Godfall Isn’t a Games as Service Title and Will Not Feature Microtransactions

The PlayStation 5 title Godfall from Counterplay Games and Gearbox continues to receive information piecemeal. One new detail confirms the type of model the development team is following. Despite being perfect for the games as a service structure, akin to The Division or Destiny, developers have noted the looter-slasher won’t fall into such a camp. Moreover, microtransactions are not on the cards.

Technical Producer Richard Heyne divulged as much during an interview with YouTuber Arekkz Gaming. When asked whether Godfall counts as either a games as service or something players can complete, Heyne said players will actually finish the game. The title features a campaign, wherein the goal centers on “ascending the Skybreaker monolith to defeat Macros,” the Mad God. Players will achieve this by navigating five elemental realms, which Heyne described as a “finite experience.”

Godfall will still offer endgame content, however, with more to explore and revisit once the main story concludes. Heyne added, “we don’t consider it a game as service. There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning that there is plenty of content for the player to get into once Macros is defeated.”

In terms of what to expect from endgame content, the developer explained the design of Godfall’s elemental realms should make players want to revist previously explored areas. Thus, once the campaign wraps, players will have the ability to return to their old stomping grounds, exploring the realms in news ways to find new encounters and fresh challenges.

See the full interview in the video linked below. Talks of the lack of a service model and microtransactions begins around the 1:45 timestamp:

Godfall will come to PS5 and PC sometime later this year.

[Source: Arekkz Gaming via IGN]

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