Latest Godfall Gameplay Showcases More of the Intense Combat

As the end of the year draws near, Counterplay Games and Gearbox continue to show off more of Godfall in action. The latest footage of the looter-slasher offers a deeper look at the combat mechanics and weapons types.

New gameplay footage of Godfall featured at the tail end of Sony’s recent State of Play broadcast. See eight minutes of the action title in the video linked below:

A quick tag over the screen in the beginning makes it clear that this gameplay walkthrough showcases work-in-progress footage. Thus, what’s on display is subject to change as development progresses. Still, much of what is shown seems well worth paying attention to.

Early in the video, Game Director Keith Lee reiterates that Godfall won’t feature microtransactions. As a result, every piece of loot and gear item will be unlockable in-game via progression. He also notes the title will be complete at launch, meaning players won’t have to wait for additional content to roll out down the line.

In terms of combat, Counterplay set about designing mechanics that make for fluid gameplay. According to Lee, the melee combat “embrac[es] offense over defense.” This isn’t too surprising given that players will usually find themselves facing off against multiple enemies at once. To even the odds, players should rely on tactics that keep them close to the enemy, especially since Godfall rewards aggressiveness.

The back half of the video focuses on weapon classes, of which there are five: Longsword, Dual Blades, Poelarm, Two-handed Warhammer, and the Two-handed Greatsword. All are equipped with unique playsets, allowing players to choose combat styles that range from fast combos to something more strategic. Players will come across myriad weapons while progressing through the experience, each with primary and secondary traits. Counterplay plans to provide an overview for all of them at a later date.

Godfall launches sometime this holiday season alongside the PlayStation 5.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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