Latest Quantum Error Teaser Shows Off More of the Horror-Filled Gameplay

With gamescom 2020 well under way, developer TeamKill Media has shown off more of its cosmic horror title, Quantum Error, in action. The latest trailer is brief, as are most trailers, but still manages to showcase a good chunk of action-packed gameplay and tease story-related details.

Get another look at Quantum Error in the following gamescom 2020 teaser:

In Quantum Error, the Monad Quantum Research Facility sits 30 miles off of California’s coast. When the structure succumbs to an attack that leaves it engulfed in flames, San Francisco’s Garboa Fire Department receives a distress call. Fire Chief Sturgis sends Captain Jacob Thomas, his partner Shane Costa, and a helicopter crew to offer aid. Assuming the role of Captain Thomas, players will lead a rescue mission to the research complex. As with most horror titles involving a research complex of any kind, expect things to go really bad.

What begins as an effort to save as many lives as possible quickly takes a different turn once the crew arrives on-site, however. Simply put, nothing at the Monad Quantum Research Facility is at it seems. There’s a real “Dead Space meets DOOM” vibe to the whole thing, while also managing to retain a unique identity all its own.

TeamKill Media unveiled Quantum Error this past spring. Apart from a few teasers here and there, details have, thus far, been rather scarce. The studio still isn’t sure when the horror title will be ready to release, either. Several months ago, the developer noted it was too early to determine whether the game would be in proper shape as a PS5 launch title. In June, a tweet from the studio’s Twitter account said a 2021 release looks like more of a possibility.

TeamKill Media’s Quantum Error is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

[Source: TeamKill Media]

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