Leaked Trailer Shows Off Exo Mech Suits for a Future No Man’s Sky Update

A leaked trailer indicates No Man’s Sky players will soon be able to traverse in more than spaceships. Apparently, exo mech suits are on the way. The video originally appeared on Xbox’s YouTube channel. A quick removal suggests the video went live ahead of schedule. However, as always, the internet never forgets. The trailer has since been added to another YouTube channel.

Get a glimpse at No Man’s Sky’s exo mech suits in the video below, which runs just over 90 seconds long:

The leaked first look does not offer much in the way of details. Perhaps that’s by design, though. After all, mech suits need no introduction, especially in video games. Still, it will be interesting to see how players can go about gaining access to such devices. The possible customization options are bound to draw interest, too.

As seen in the trailer above, these hulking new additions lumber along rather slowly, but least they can fly. It appears the exo mech suits have the ability to mine, too. Perhaps gathering resources will become an even quick task thanks to the new mechs? We will have to wait and see. How long of a wait seems anyone’s guess at present. The leaked video doesn’t hint at a potential release date.

No Man’s Sky’s future exo mech suit update will come on the heels of the Living Ship’s arrival. The title’s February 2020 update introduced the Living Ships, beings that players can incubate and raise. That very same patch also debuted new missions, fresh space encounters, and much more.

[Source: YouTube via PC Gamer]

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