Maid of Sker’s Sound-Based Enemies Will Begin Their Hunt on July 28th

Survival horror title Maid of Sker finally has a firm July release date. Players can begin exploring the macabre Hotel Sker later this month on July 28th. The title will first launch digitally and physically on the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms. Digital preorders go live a week before release on July 21st. A Nintendo Switch version will roll out at a later time in Q3 2020, which means it should arrive before the end of September.

In announcing the new date, developer and publisher Wales Interactive unleashed the following gameplay trailer:

Maid of Sker’s plot comes courtesy of writers and designers who were central in developing SOMA and Wales Interactive’s Don’t Knock Twice. And what a plot it is. The horror title, “steeped in rich Welsh folklore,” takes place in 1898. Players will venture into the historical structure in Wales, Sker House; in Maid of Sker, it’s referred to as Hotel Sker. Needless to say, the protagonist’s stay won’t feel pleasant.

The narrative takes inspiration from a tragic folk tale about a young Welsh woman named Elisabeth Williams. According to legend, during the 19th century, Williams died after her father locked her in her bedroom so she could die from heartbreak. Maid of Sker explores the supernatural mystery behind a family empire. Apparently, this mystery “suffocates” Hotel Sker’s property like no other.

Maid of Sker’s psychological horror centers around sound-based enemies, thanks to a “3D sound-based AI system.” Naturally, players will need to rely on maintaining silence. However, as seen in the trailer above, there are instances wherein sound-centric weapons may prove useful.

[Source: Wales Interactive]

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