Outriders’ Technomancer Class Can Serve as Support or a Heavy Damage-Dealer

Developer People Can Fly delivered on its promise to unveil Outriders‘ fourth and final character class in a live stream today. The new class in question is a high-powered, heavy damage-dealing Technomancer. Making use of weapons and special powers, the Technomancer can become even more versatile. Depending on how players choose to build out their character, this particular class can even be of use in a “crowd control-focused support” role. Such flexibility should guarantee the Technomancer is a strong asset for any co-op team in Outriders.

Check out footage of the Technomancer in action via the broadcast video below:

The following video is the Technomancer trailer that premiered during the broadcast:

Footage of the Technomancer in action during co-op gameplay features below:

People Can Fly has spoken in depth about Outriders‘ three other classes in the past. They include: Devastator, Pyromancer, and Trickster. By assuming the role of Devastator, players can expect to play a close combat-focused brute. Unsurprisingly, the Pyromancer is a fire-wielder who’s most beneficial at mid-range. The Trickster will also prove especially devastating at close-range, though its agility sets it apart from the other close combat class. These classes all synergize with one another in various ways to make unique team makeups feel different and compelling.

Square Enix is publishing the three-player cooperative title, which People Can Fly originally unveiled during E3 2019. Initial plans had Outriders on track for a summer 2020 launch, but a delay to an unspecified date later in 2020 altered said plans. In announcing the delay earlier this year, the developer additionally confirmed its new cooperative venture will release on next-gen consoles, so we probably shouldn’t expect release until near the holiday windows that next-gen consoles are scheduled to launch in.

Outriders is expected to launch this holiday season for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms.

[Source: Square Enix]

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