Spider-Man Miles Morales Spider-Cat Sidekick Revealed in New Video

Miles Morales is getting a feline friend in Insomniac’s Spider-Man Miles Morales. As part of Game Informer’s massive Miles Morales cover story coverage this month, a new video reveals that Miles will rescue and subsequently be joined by Spider-Cat, with a suit that allows you to carry the kitty around in your backpack. It will even help with finishers, leaping out and attacking baddies with ferocious claws.

Check out the Spider-Man Miles Morales Spider-Cat video reveal below, which starts with the quest to rescue the orange feline, and ends with a quick preview of the new suit and Spider-Cat’s capabilities in combat.

In the quest, Miles rescues the orange bodega cat, affectionately named “Spider-Man.” He returns “Spider-Man the cat” to the bodega owner, who is happy to see his furry friend returned.  The video then cuts to a new outfit for Miles—his standard suit with a red hoodie worn over the top and a backpack to carry the cat. It’s important to note that Miles specifically says “are you ready to swing, Spider-Cat?” at this moment, which hints at some sort of change for the creature. It’s unknown what Spider-Cat’s full role is in the game. Does the cat actually get powers in the game? Is he exclusive to that suit, or can he be taken along with any suit? Why is the bodega owner okay with Miles taking his cat to “get out there and stop some crimes?” The video seems to purposely skip over these details, leaving them instead for players to discover.

Spider-Cat is indeed a character in the Marvel comics who seems to have the same powers and abilities as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, but it remains to be seen if Insomniac’s version will follow suit or just remain a fun finisher animation. This isn’t the first time Insomniac’s shown off Spider-Cat. In the video celebrating Spider-Man Miles Morales going gold, as masked up Spider-Cat can be seen briefly slinking along.

[Source : PS Blog]

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