Star Wars Battlefront 2 Siege of Kamino Replace Provides New Map To Capital Supremacy

The newest replace for Star Wars Battlefront 2, titled “The Siege of Kamino,” has dropped. It brings with it a brand new map for the sport’s Capital Supremacy mode, a bunch of stability modifications for Heroes and Villains, a whole rework for the focusing on system throughout the Heroes vs Villains mode, improved AI within the offline arcade, the addition of a VO wheel, a stage cap enhance to 1000 and a few extra bug fixes. The focusing on system has been eliminated, with the dev workforce choosing a extra typical strategy.

With at this time’s replace, the scoring system has modified in a single mode. When enjoying Heroes vs Villains, every enemy elimination will add one level to your workforce’s general rating. The primary workforce to achieve 25 factors will win the match.

The brand new map added to Capital Supremacy, Kamino, will swap issues up from the same old fare, because it doesn’t characteristic any autos. When enjoying Capital Supremacy on Kamino, gamers might want to coordinate with their workforce fastidiously with a view to seize the aims and maintain them. Not like the opposite maps within the mode, gamers will be unable to easily hop in a automobile and cross the entire map. This implies there gained’t be any assured or simple victories through the floor part when heading to, reaching, and capturing aims.

A number of the notable stability modifications to the sport’s Heroes and Villains embrace injury will increase and transfer alterations. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader’s lightsaber assaults have gone from 120 to 130. Boba Fett now has the flexibility to dodge and get well from pushes when flying. Yoda’s dash velocity has elevated and his Sprint Assault now passes by an enemy’s block.

The total checklist of launch notes is as follows:



Kamino – Cloning Facility is now obtainable to play on Capital SupremacyAdded an in-game Voice Traces Wheel usable by heroesRaised the extent cap for all items to 1000


Adjusted the core mechanics of the Heroes vs. Villains sport to accommodate the removing of the goal system.Look bundles are actually moved to the Assortment display. Crystal costs have been lowered and Credit score costs have been eliminated.


Group Request: Any modifications to the Victory Poses for Iden Versio, Rey and Rely Dooku have been reverted. New Victory Poses for Iden Versio (LOYALTY) and Rey (DETERMINED) have been added and are free to unlock for all gamers.Group Request: Elevated the restrict for heroes utilizing Voice Traces without delay.Mounted a difficulty the place Lightsaber Heroes weren’t in a position to deal injury to an enemy in the event that they attacked whereas standing in entrance of skinny partitions.Mounted a difficulty the place Yoda’s and Darth Maul’s blocks would cease working if the block button was held earlier than and throughout the Sprint Assault or Spin Assault skills.


Added the flexibility for Boba Fett to dodge and get well from pushes whereas mid-air.Elevated base well being from 550 to 600.Elevated well being regeneration from 150 to 200.Changed Boba Fett’s reticle with a dot. Added a yellow circle when utilizing the flexibility For The Hunt.


Elevated Luke Skywalker’s base injury from 120 to 130.Changed the phrases “empire soldier” with “enemy soldier” on Luke’s CLEANSING THE DARKNESS Star Card description.Minor visible enhancements to Luke’s Drive and Repulse capability animation.


Elevated dash velocity to be in line with different lightsaber heroes.Group Request: Yoda’s Sprint Assault now bypasses blocks.


Elevated base well being from 650 to 700.Elevated well being regeneration from 150 to 200.


Elevated Finn’s EL-16 base injury from 45 to 52.Elevated Finn’s EL-16 long-range injury from 40 to 45.Elevated Finn’s Glie-44 base injury from 35 to 42.Elevated Finn’s Glie-44 long-range injury from 25 to 30.


Modifications to Captain Phasma’s blaster injury:

Elevated base injury from 17 to 19.Elevated long-range injury from 13 to 15 meters.Elevated base-range from 30 to 35 meters.Elevated long-range from 50 to 60 meters.


Tweaked values for Grievous’ Unrelenting Advance capability to make it more practical.

The time between damages for Grievous’ Unrelenting Advance was decreased from zero.5 seconds to zero.45 seconds.Harm per second was elevated by 10%. The worth of the preliminary injury stays the identical as the bottom injury.Mounted a difficulty the place the time between the primary and second injury throughout Unrelenting Advance might be longer than designed.Mounted a difficulty the place Unrelenting Advance wouldn’t register if the participant wasn’t very near the goal


Decreased Darth Vader’s stamina regeneration delay from three seconds to 2.25 seconds.Harm inflicted to Darth Vader through the Drive Choke capability is now lowered by 90%Elevated Darth Vader’s base injury from 120 to 130.


Elevated the period of Obi-Wan’s Restrictive Thoughts Trick from four.5 to five.5 seconds.Mounted a difficulty that would trigger Obi-Wan Kenobi to get caught through the All-Out Push capability animation attributable to a foul reference to the server.


Mounted a difficulty the place the knockback impact from Rely Dooku’s Lightning Stun capability wouldn’t be utilized if its goal was in mid-air.Mounted varied minor clipping points with Rely Dooku’s Victory Poses and Emotes whereas the “Beautiful Pyjamas” look was geared up.


Mounted a difficulty the place Rey’s eye color would change when selecting the Ahch-To appearanceFixed a difficulty that will present the improper space of impact when performing Rey’s Sprint Strike and Thoughts Trick skills.


Mounted a visible subject the place Darth Maul’s Livid Throw would yield an invisible lightsaber when throwing straight ahead or barely downward whereas sprinting.


Mounted a difficulty the place Emperor Palpatine couldn’t deal injury to a turret when attacking with each palms.


Mounted varied clipping points that had been seen throughout Leia’s defeat animation whereas the Princess look was geared up.Mounted a visible subject with the feel abruptly chopping to black within the inside the sleeves of the Princess look.


Elevated well being regeneration from 150 to 200.Mounted a minor visible subject the place Han Solo’s foot would twitch after utilizing the Delusions of Grandeur emote.Mounted a difficulty the place Han Solo would get caught within the Sharpshooter capability animation if he was surprised by Lighting whereas utilizing it.Group Request: Han Solo’s Shoulder Cost capability now staggers blocking enemies.


Mounted a visible subject the place it could seem like Kylo Ren had no face beneath the masks when inspecting his look within the Frontend menu.


Mounted a visible subject the place Bossk’s weapon projectiles could be seen as shot from Bossk’s aspect as a substitute of the weapon’s barrel.


Elevated well being regeneration from 150 to 200.


Elevated well being regeneration from 150 to 200.


Mounted a difficulty the place Anakin Skywalker would categorical his distaste for sand when enjoying contained in the Capital Ships on Capital Supremacy – Geonosis.



Eliminated the focusing on system from the sport. The outline of the “Select Your Path” Achievement/Trophy has been modified to “Defeat 50 enemies in Heroes Vs. Villains”.Mounted a difficulty the place the countdown timer on the Spawn display would often disappear earlier than the time had run out.Mounted a difficulty the place altering Heroes within the Spawn display would often not be potential if the workforce was full.


Changed the LAAT Transport Ship pilots with Section 2 pilots.Mounted varied visible points with the Transport Ships exhibiting inaccurately when experiencing excessive server latency or late-game becoming a member of of Capital Supremacy.The in-world icon of a contested Command Publish now stays on display whereas being captured.Added sound results when gamers are contesting a Command Publish.Mounted a difficulty the place the accompanying arrow on the in-world icon of the Transport Ship wouldn’t precisely level to the Transport Ship whereas on-screen.Mounted a difficulty the place the Chat window wouldn’t instantly present the most recent message when switching between the Floor and Invasion phases on Capital Supremacy.Mounted a difficulty that will inaccurately describe which workforce is contesting a Command Publish.


Mounted a difficulty that will often trigger the Capital Ship to seem in a broken state, even when being boarded for the primary time.


Mounted a difficulty the place the Finish-Of-Spherical display would often overlap with the tip cinematic on Capital Supremacy – Kashyyyk.Mounted a difficulty the place the AAT tanks would spawn on prime of each other.Eliminated the sand weathering results from the Capital Ships on Capital Supremacy – Kashyyyk.


Mounted a difficulty the place the “To The Final Man” timed problem would observe consumer respawns as eliminations.


Mounted a visible subject the place the minimap would often wrongly mark the place of a squadmate.


Mounted a difficulty the place the audio within the intro cinematics would often sound muffled.


Added mild emission to the Coaxium canisters on Kessel.


A number of collision, clipping, VFX, and traversal fixes on the Capital Supremacy – Kashyyyk, Dreadnought, Republic Assault Cruiser, and Galactic Assault – Geonosis maps.


Mounted a collision subject with an asset by which Boba Fett might fly exterior the map geometry on Bespin.


Mounted varied visible points with texture popping on the MTTs contained in the Separatist Dreadnought.


Applied a number of enhancements and bug fixes to Arcade AI:

Enabled the usage of skills for Arcade AI: Vanguard for Assault, Sentry for Heavy and Infiltration for Specialist.Tweaked situations for when completely different skills are getting used.Enabled Thermal Detonator for Assault and Shock Grenade for Specialist. Completely different throwing frequency per Arcade issue.Set Arcade AI to make use of identical collisions as Troopers on Multiplayer.Tweaked Arcade AI cowl queries, firing knowledge, weapon knowledge and so on.Up to date AI navmesh in Kamino, Starkiller Base, Kashyyyk and Bespin. AI can now attain areas that had been beforehand inaccessible for AI in Bespin and Kashyyyk.Modified look of Kits in Bespin Arcade to Dying Star look, primarily based on group suggestions.Mounted a difficulty that had resurfaced, with the AI Starfighters of each groups flying in Out-Of-Bounds areas when enjoying Starfighter Crew Battle.


Mounted a difficulty the place the consumer was unable to make use of the Emote Wheel after exiting the STAP or the BARC Speeder.Mounted a difficulty the place the consumer would be capable of see allies on the minimap within the pause menu when deployed in any automobile.


Modified the face between the fashions for the Insurgent Rocket-Jumper and the Resistance Rocket-Jumper.


Mounted a difficulty the place the ARC Trooper’s left pistol had a sooner hearth fee than the appropriate one.Mounted a difficulty the place the STALKER Star Card wouldn’t grant the correct quantity of well being in any rarity.Mounted a difficulty the place gamers had been unable to see the “Shock Entice” deployed by an enemy ARC Trooper. The projectile has been up to date to have infinite lively time, be destroyable by blaster hearth, and have a blinking mild supply for elevated visibility by allies and enemies.Mounted a difficulty that will trigger the ARC Trooper animation mannequin to interrupt when rotating the digicam rapidly from above.


Mounted a difficulty the place the Ping Web site setting on Xbox would often change to a default worth with out the likelihood to alter it. This compelled quite a few customers to play on excessive latency servers.Mounted a visible subject the place the background mild panel within the Frontend and Finish-Of-Spherical screens would often present up with seen borders round it.Mounted a visible subject the place Lando Calrissian and L3-37’s Millennium Falcon, would often present up with a lacking shader on the Frontend display.Mounted a difficulty the place the identify tag of the second participant on the Frontend menu of Arcade would present exterior of the background menu body.Mounted a difficulty that allowed the utilization of the Emote Wheel from the Pause Menu.Mounted a difficulty the place gamers might set off the inspection display for the weapons of Heroes and Reinforcements.Mounted a difficulty the place emotes on the Frontend wouldn’t set off VO when shopping by them as a brand new participant with the default look geared up.Improved consumer reminiscence utilization to handle out of reminiscence crashes on all platforms.

Will you be attempting out Capital Supremacy‘s new map? What are your opinions on the Hero and Villain modifications that DICE has made? Tell us within the feedback under!

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  1. Fixed an issue where Anakin Skywalker would express his distaste for sand when playing inside the Capital Ships on Capital Supremacy – Geonosis.

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