Take on a Bug’s Perspective Once Metamorphosis Arrives in August

Earlier this year, publisher All in! Games and developer Ovid Works announced Metamorphosis, a puzzled adventure game inspired by Franz Kafka’s seminal novella–The Metamorphosis. The title is now on track to release on August 12th for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms. Steam players can enjoy a demo of the game now.

In unveiling release date details, All in! Games also showcased a brand-new trailer for Metamorphosis. Check it out in the video linked below:

Ovid Works’ project will take players on a journey quite unlike Kafka’s 1915 opus. In The Metamorphosis, the protagonist–Gregor Samsa–awakens to find himself mysteriously transformed into a bug. Samsa spends much of the novella trapped in his room, unable to do much in terms of venturing out and exploring. The game, however, will present Samsa with different challenges, as his tiny bug form embarks on a journey in a dark surrealist world to uncover what happened to him and why. While doing so, he’ll also work to save his friend Joseph, who’s been arrested for unknown reasons.

Exploring about as a small creature should prove incredibly challenging. In the role of a bug, players will encounter countless obstacles that require the use of parkour and wall climbing. Puzzle-solving will serve as another part of the experience, in addition to searching for clues. Sticky limbs and a tiny, agile form may help make all of the above seem easy to overcome or difficult to endure. Players can determine that much for themselves in just a couple of weeks.

[Source: All in! Games]

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