The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Release Date, Collector’s Edition, and Anthology Bundle Revealed

While details about the nature of The Dark Pictures: Little Hope and its story have slowly bubbled to the surface over the past few months, we now also have a release date to go with the story. The second game in the The Dark Pictures anthology (following Man of Medan) releases on October 30 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Bandai Namco also revealed details about the game’s collector’s edition, a bundle putting together the first two entries in the anthology, and a special “curator’s cut” that will be available to those who preorder. Check out the Little Hope release date announce trailer below.

There are bundles ahoy for those looking to bring a little bit more horror to their lives, with not only a bundle for Little Hope but an anthology bundle with room to grow. The bundle for Little Hope features the preorder bonuses, a collector’s box, two enamel pins, a cloth map of the anthology’s world, a ragdoll from the game, and most interestingly, a four-disc steelbook case. With only two games in the anthology released, it seems like there’s room to grow for the steelbook to collect all of the entries in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Curious.

However, if you need some catching up then look no further than the anthology collector’s edition. This edition features the same pins, map, collector’s box, and Steelbook case, but also includes last year’s game Man of Medan, just in case you’re in need of a refresher. No matter the version a pre-order gets players access to the curator’s cut, a mode that goes through unavailable scenes with new characters. Weirdly enough, this pre-order bonus cannot be used until three months after the release of Little Hope and requires players to first beat the main story, seemingly making the point of it being a preorder bonus somewhat moot.

Regardless, prepare for more branching horror stories in your life when The Dark Pictures: Little Hope hits retail on October 30. 2020.

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