The Force is With PSVR, Vader Immortal Arrives August 25

The PlayStation VR hardware has had its fair share of ups–Astro Bot and Tetris Effect say hello–and titles that feel like undercooked proof of concept tech demos instead of full games. while it’s limited tech made it more affordable than other VR platforms, it also caused a lack of games that appear on those other more powerful PC-based VR devices. Consider that complaint someone alleviated. Vader Immortal:  A Star Wars VR Series is making its way to the PSVR on August 25. Finally, a reason to swing two PlayStation Move controllers around that doesn’t require you to make your own lightsaber noises and be grooving to EDM tunes. Here be the Vader-rific trailer:

Sure, it looks a bit like one of those tech demos disguised as games mentioned above, but Vader Immortal has one major thing going for it: The Star Wars license. The big dream when it comes to VR has been to do things like swing a lightsaber in a galaxy far, far away. Everything you do in the game you do while stepping through the veil of the Star Wars universe. It also packages all three of the episodes from the PC experience into one complete game for PSVR users.

One of the larger worries about a game like Vader Immortal is the limitations of the PSVR hardware when compared to something like the Oculus, which the team at Industry Light and Magic Lab took into consideration for development. “The PlayStation VR version is being developed by ILMxLAB along with Black Shamrock. Under normal circumstances, development can be challenging and difficult. Adding in a pandemic and shelter in place adds in another layer to the challenge. However, the teams have been working tirelessly to create an experience that won’t disappoint,” says Harvey Whitney, a producer at ILMxLAB.

You’ll get your own chance to decide if Vader Immortal is worth another dive into PSVR before the next generation of gaming arrives when it comes out in just a few short weeks on August 25.

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