This New PlayStation Advert is Actually Bizarre, Embracing the Unusual Sony Promoting of Previous

Bear in mind when Sony used to have actually bizarre commercials? All of us keep in mind the PS3 child (it nonetheless haunts my nightmares). Lots of the outdated PS2 and PS3 commercials elicited the response of “what the hell did that should do with PlayStation in any respect?” Positive, Sony had Kevin Butler and different campaigns that had extra to do with gaming, however these had been all the time punctuated by the weird. The most recent PlayStation advert embraces the bizarre of PlayStation outdated. Nope, it’s not a PS5 advert, or perhaps a PS5 tease, however the PlayStation coronary heart advert is really a wierd one. Test it out beneath:

The advert begins with a bunch of troopers trying down right into a sinister-looking pit. A canine barks wildly however regardless of the creature’s warnings, the crew of troopers rappels down into the pit. There are a number of scenes of them working their method by way of equally sinister trying tunnels. They’re on the lookout for one thing, however one thing’s not proper. To date, nonetheless nothing PlayStation-related. About 50 seconds in, they arrive to an enormous steel door and start prying it open with an ax, which is strictly what I’d do in an ominous darkish tunnel that I appear terrified to be in.

They enter the room to a collection of racks holding… one thing. Their flashlights wash over the gadgets held in traction, briefly giving a glimpse. Are these…? Sure, a whole lot of human hearts are strung up in these weird racks, blue liquid flowing from tubes to and from them. The troopers start to panic. The hearts start to beat. The shot cuts to a bunch of PS4 Execs mounted above the hearts, the blue tubes hooked as much as them. We’re about 1:20 in at this level.

The PlayStation 4s are powering the hearts, or the hearts are powering the PS4s. It’s not precisely clear. Possibly it’s each? Symbiosis. The troopers are nonetheless panicking. The hearts beat sooner. Lights flicker on, cascading down the room to point out the a whole lot of coronary heart/PS4 racks. The shot cuts to one of many beating hearts because the PlayStation symbols seem as blue veins on its floor. “Really feel the Energy of PlayStation” flashes throughout the display screen with the PlayStation brand. Nobody performs any video games.

Sure, that is an precise PlayStation advert on the PlayStation YouTube.

Whereas it’s not precisely clear what prompted this unusual PlayStation advert, the outline on the YouTube video says “Really feel greater than love this Valentine’s.” A hyperlink takes viewers to the PS4 Professional web page on PlayStation’s web site. It appears a bit unusual for Sony to begin up a brand new PlayStation advert marketing campaign centered on the PS4 Professional as gamers eagerly look forward to a PS5 reveal. Maybe Sony had a number of further dollars within the advertising finances after skipping two E3s and stopping PSX after 2017. No matter its goal, the PS4 coronary heart farm reveals that Sony by no means misplaced its bizarre facet. It’s simply been dormant for a number of years.

If this advert someway obtained you hankering to purchase a PS4 Professional, you possibly can seize one for simply $320 on Amazon proper now.

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