Trudge Through World War I’s Eastern Front When Tannenberg Hits Consoles This Month

Developers M2H and Blackmill Games (the teams behind Verdun) are bringing their World War I-set first-person shooter, Tannenberg, to consoles later this month. As such, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can start trudging through the war’s Eastern Front on July 24th. This version of the title will launch with the new Przemysl in Poland; PC via Steam players should also expect this map to go live on the same day. Preorders are currently live on the Microsoft Store, offering a 10 percent discount. It remains to be seen whether a similar deal will eventually migrate to Tannenberg’s PlayStation 4 iteration.

Check out the console announcement trailer in the video below:

In Tannenberg, which originally hit Steam in February of 2019, players take part in “large-scale maneuver warfare” on the Russian border. Historically, the confrontation in World War I’s Eastern Theater saw German forces and their Central Power allies take on the Russian-led Entente.

For Tannenberg’s development teams, the goal was to immerse players in a part of the First World War that is often overshadowed by the more widely known exploits of the Western Front. In turn, players can expect to see oft forgotten Eastern Front participants involved in the action, too, such as Romania, Latvia, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria.

“40-player battles of maneuver” rest at the heart of the first-person experience, wherein players must seize key territories of the front to put pressure on the enemy’s “victory points.” Before joining the skirmish, players select a squad and loadout. Tannenberg’s authentic weaponry, gear, and uniforms guarantee victory is that much sweeter.

[Source: M2H and Blackmill Games via Gematsu]

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