Warframe Coming to PlayStation 5 Later This Year, Offering ‘Faster, Better-Looking Gameplay’

Digital Extremes’ Warframe has come a long way in the last several years. The free-to-play title first hit PS4 in 2013; now it’s set to embark on a new journey through PlayStation 5 later this year. Digital Extremes has yet to specify when exactly the PS5 version will be available, but the studio is teasing the enhancements that players can expect to encounter when it arrives.

The following next-gen trailer for Warframe is replete with footage of both the PS4 and PS5 versions. Suffice it to say, the “up to 4K” visuals make a big difference; the same goes for the much faster loading times on Sony’s new hardware. One section of the video shows how the PS5 version loads into a new area almost instantaneously. Meanwhile, the wait time on PS4 lasts over 30 seconds.

According to a blog post from Lead Producer Dave Kudirka, Warframe will take advantage of the PS5 by running at up to 4K and 60 frames per second. The smoother online experience won’t isolate PS4 and PS5 players, though. Rather, players across the two platforms will be able to squad up whenever they so choose. Not only is multiplayer taking the cross-gen leap, so, too is player progression. Every bit of a player’s profile, progress, and data will move with them to the next-gen hardware, Kudirka confirmed.

In addition, Warframe will make use of PS5’s Activities feature, giving players “access to exclusive challenges and rewards.” Progress Activities will help keep track of Trophy progress, while Challenge Activities launch players directly into the game without loading.

Digital Extremes is also exploring ways to further diversify the experience with DualSense. When the PS5 version launches, for example, players should be able to feel the impact of each shot thanks to the Adaptive Triggers. Kudirka noted the studio is still tinkering with haptic feedback. However, Digital Extremes should soon “be able to generate vibration patterns that match in-game environments for greater immersion.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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