Watch Dogs Legion Arrives on Current-Gen Platforms in October

During yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward stream, the publisher showcased brand-new footage of Watch Dogs Legion. Once the new glimpse wrapped up, the title finally received a release date. The next Watch Dogs entry comes to the PS4, PC, Google Stadia, and Xbox One on October 29th. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X version are also in the works, but currently lack a ship date.

Like a slew of other cross-gen titles, those who pick up Watch Dogs Legion on PS4/Xbox One can upgrade to that respective console’s next-gen copy at no extra cost. Next-gen iterations will most notably take advantage of haptic controls, ray-tracing, and several other higher-quality features.

Ubisoft Forward’s Watch Dogs-centric segment included two new videos. The “Tipping Point” cinematic trailer counts as the first, setting the tone for what this upcoming adventure through a near future London entails. Check it out in the video linked below:

Ubisoft then unveiled a gameplay overview, which runs just under eight minutes in length. It features in the following video:

The Watch Dogs Legion gameplay overview showcases the title’s core gameplay mechanics. For one, a number of different DedSec recruits are shown in action. Since players will have the option to assume the role of anyone in-game, the possibilities seem endless. One segment depicts how players can tackle a mission with a Construction Worker, Drone Expert, or a Albion Contractor. Players can either attack the mission guns blazing, go in stealthily, or infiltrate a compound by simply walking through the front door.

Ubisoft plans to host another Ubisoft Forward digital event later in the year. As of writing, the publisher has yet to set a date for the stream.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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