Yoko Taro Calls NieR Replicant More Than a Remaster

NieR Replicant won’t simply retread old ground. Prettying things up for modern consoles won’t do the trick as far as this particular classic is concerned. As such, director Yoko Taro has reportedly referred to NieR Replicant as “much more” than a remaster. Fans, then, should anticipate reworked gameplay, some new voice performances, and an experience that feels “new.”

Yoko Taro shared these details and others in the latest Famitsu magazine issue. Twitter user StormYorha translated the information from website ryokutya2089. Since NieR Replicant is “much more” than a simple remaster, the gameplay has been refined to feel more familiar to those who loved PlatinumGames’ smash hit, NieR Automata. Speaking of Platinum, Yoko Taro revealed there are developers from the studio who are assisting with Replicant’s development.

While the overall experience should appear “new,” not everything is undergoing change. For one, the camerawork will remain the same as that of the original title. The voice actors behind the main cast are returning, too, but are re-recording their performances for the remaster. Moreover, voice actors for both 2B and 9S’ are on board for the project. But new characters are joining the fun; apparently, fans may be able to look forward to a new ending as well.

See StormYorha’s first post on the fresh NieR Replicant details below. A second tweet elaborates on the aforementioned voice actor information and links to the original source:

YokoTaro FINALLY dropped new NieR Replicant infos!

-It’s “much more” than a remaster
-Gameplay has been reworked to please Automata fans
-PlatinumGames staff helping
-They want everything to feel “new” and more polished
-Camera work stays the same
-New VAs performances pic.twitter.com/9bJXxcH2ZU

— Storm Yorha (@StormYorha) April 28, 2020

NieR Replicant’s announcement hit the web a few weeks ago in late March. Toylogic is leading development on the project, which will launch for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One at an unspecified time.

[Source: Famitsu, ryokutya2089 via StormYorha on Twitter]

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