Family Guy Invades Resident Evil 7 in New Mod

Resident Evil 7 and Family Guy do not exactly scream crossover at first. Give it a second and think about it and you will still be hard pressed to see this working. Do not worry, I am right there with you on this. That has not stopped a modder from doing it though. If you are gaming only on a console like PlayStation or Xbox, then you are left out of this one.

Family Guy characters change things

As you can see in the video below, the addition of Family Guy characters is weird. They do not quite fit the aesthetic but then again, that is part of the charm of this mod. An already disconcerting atmosphere is thrown even more out of whack with the Griffin family involved.

Family Guy is an animated series for mature audiences that has been running or years now. There have been very few games based on this franchise over the years though. Kind of interesting detail. The same could be said for The Simpsons, another animated show for mature audiences.

Resident Evil 7 is obviously not going for an animated look. That is what makes the addition of Family Guy characters kind of jarring. It also makes them even scarier in comparison to their surroundings.

Turning spooky to 11 point out the disturbing nature perfectly. They mention the “giggity-giggity” from Quagmire as he is trying to kill you. It brings a different angle to that one liner from a comedy cartoon.

The sound bites used in this Resident Evil 7 mod are perfect. They fit the situations quite well and are funny even. Sometimes. Other times they are disturbing.

Mods like this are great and a good reason to game on PC. What is your favorite Resident Evil 7 mod so far? Any creepier than Family Guy in survival horror? Let me know in the comments.

[Source: RetroGamingMagazine]

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