RetroMania Wrestling Adds New Mode for National Wrestling Alliance

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) may have new ownership but it still holds respect for heritage. Take the NWA World Championship, it is revered as it should be. Ten Pounds of Gold started as a series of videos with then champion Tim Storm. The series was intended to educate newer fans of the heritage of the title and the man holding it. The series was meant to elevate the title, promotion, and those pursuing the title to a revered level. Now RetroMania Wrestling, by Retrosoft Studios, is continuing that reverence.

Introducing Ten Pounds of Gold Mode

Announced earlier today, the Ten Pounds of Gold mode is being added to RetroMania Wrestling. It is still scheduled to launch later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for Windows.

Announcements like this are what helps build excitement and interest in titles. Especially titles that do not have tons of marketing power behind them.

In Ten Pounds of Gold mode Nick Aldis is the reigning National Wrestling Alliance champion. Reaching the mountaintop allows that athlete to be the next reigning NWA World Championship. Retrosoft Studios specifically mention WCW/NOW Revenge as a reference for fans. Interesting.

RetroMania Wrestling NWA Ten Pounds of Gold Mode

Making wrestling games fun again

It is no secret that WWE 2K20 is less than stellar. What are wrestling fans to do? Sure, there is allegedly an All Elite Wrestling (AEW) game coming (anyone seen pics of it?). There is also the venerable Fire Pro Wrestling franchise but that is more simulation.

RetroMania Wrestling is the direct sequel of Wrestlefest from 1991. Continuing the action fans remember from that game is key. Pick up and play controls, modes that are fun and interesting matter. Then there are the many new athletes, arenas, modes, etc. There are even plans to have a Create-A-Wrestler mode available, all depending on success leading of the game. Want it? Support it. Simple.

Want to get in on the fun? Pre-order your copy of RetroMania Wrestling on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans, you will have to wait for the release due to how those digital stores operate. For more wrestling game coverage check out our coverage here and on our sister site, Retro Gaming Magazine for older games.

[Source : RetroGamingMagazine]

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