Assessment: Talking Simulator – Tongue-Twisting Comedy Motion With A Few Tough Edges

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Talking Simulator is a comedy indie recreation that takes the concept of social nervousness and ramps it proper as much as eleven. You assume the position of Clean Textsfield, a hapless android who’s been despatched to earth to infiltrate human society, and so as to take action, he should have interaction in varied social interactions whereas trying to talk and act as if he is undoubtedly not a robotic. It is a sensible concept and it is backed up by some very humorous writing that carries the entire thing alongside a lot additional than it actually has any proper to. Nevertheless, it is let down ultimately by an general lack of polish and controls that want a bit of labor in locations.

Clean’s first mission wastes no time throwing him proper in on the deep finish of human socialising as he begins his infiltration of earth on an ungainly first date. You’re taking management of his mouth through the suitable thumbstick, transferring it round in time to arrow prompts, whereas the left stick is used to flap his relatively massive tongue round inside his mouth as a way to hit considered one of three inexperienced lights required to finish the phrases he is at present making an attempt to power out of his malfunctioning face.

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It is fairly amusing stuff from the off, and the assorted facial meltdowns of our android pal as he struggles to converse – paired with the deadpan dialogue between himself and his human counterpart – undoubtedly propel you onwards to see what occurs within the subsequent state of affairs. Nevertheless, even in these very early phases, the sport’s largest downside makes itself obvious: the tongue controls are exasperating. We get that it is meant to be a joke and the clumsiness and raggedy nature of issues is all a part of the deal, however this steers just a bit too far in the direction of the irritating aspect of issues, making it extra of an annoying chore to play than it ought to be.

Issues do decide up a number of ranges down the road while you unlock a number of new methods for Clean. Upgrading your “Lingual Hydraulics” loosens that huge tongue up a bit and makes issues barely simpler to cope with, whereas slotting some factors into your “Expressive Facial Pistons” sees you get hold of management over the motion of your eyebrows.

Including eyebrow issues to the bottom mouth and tongue controls – in addition to the requirement to consistently change your expression between blissful and unhappy through the Y and X buttons – finally ends up making issues pleasingly hectic in later ranges, and it is right here that the sport is at its strongest. The tongue controls do proceed to bother, however you will be so targeting every part else the sport is firing at you that you simply may not discover it fairly a lot as in these first few missions.

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We also needs to give a shout-out to the missions themselves. From that first date to a really sweaty job interview, an ungainly employees dressing down in a bathroom, an unforgettable finest man’s speech and an tackle to the complete nation, Clean definitely will get put via his paces and the entire thing maintains customary of humour proper to the top.

There is not actually any replayability with Talking Simulator – it is just about a ‘as soon as and executed’ deal – however we are able to see it being one thing that is fairly enjoyable to fireplace up at a celebration with a number of mates at hand to take turns. It is also a surprisingly lenient affair; we made an absolute carnage out of some ranges over the course of our playthrough however nonetheless managed to cross with flying colors. The combo meter can also be somewhat arduous to learn, and once more, we all know it is meant to be lighthearted stuff, however actually, only a bit extra polish with the controls mixed with a extra refined methodology of scoring and a clearer combo system, and this might have been an actual indie gem.


Talking Simulator is a good concept delivered in principally the suitable means. It throws its android protagonist into some brilliantly awkward conditions and, as soon as you have unlocked his total repertoire of facial actions, issues get pleasingly hectic. Nevertheless, a scarcity of polish close to the controls, zero replayability, a janky combo system and the actual fact you do not really appear to have the ability to fail a degree all conspire to carry it again from being very easy to advocate.

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