My Time at Portia Sequel Is in Development, Will Take Players to the Frontier Town of Sandrock

Pathea Games has announced that it’s developing a sequel to My Time at Portia. Titled My Time at Sandrock, the upcoming title will also be set in a post-apocalyptic world, and will task players with setting up shop as a builder in a frontier town and save it from economic ruin as well as other threats.

Pathea has set up a Kickstarter campaign for the sandbox simulation RPG, explaining that it’s a small studio that needs additional funding to add extra features including multiplayer. The studio also wants to use the funding to self-publish Sandrock (Portia was published by Team17).

“We feel like that if we handle all the publishing duties ourselves, we’ll be better positioned to service all the different platforms in a timely matter,” Pathea wrote. “Overall, we do have the funding to finish the game in a timely and fully realized manner. If the Kickstarter somehow fails, we’ll probably only have a basic version of multiplayer until the sales of the game picks up.”

Sandrock will bring new features including:

New Combat – a revamped combat system that allows the player to quickly shift between melee combat and 3rd person shooting mechanics.Great Music – an original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music that reflects where the player is and what they’re doingMore Elaborate Story and Deeper Characters- a vastly enriched storyline, hundreds of side-quests boasting over 30 completely new characters, each getting more attention than before with their own story to discover, as well as the return of a few familiar faces for fans of the series.Build with Friends! Co-op multiplayer – Perhaps the most exciting addition to the game is a new multiplayer function that will finally allow players to visit a unique multiplayer map where they can build a workshop together and experience an additional storyline that unfolds there…

My Time at Sandrock will release in 2022 for current and next-gen consoles. Check out a trailer below.

[Source: playstationlifestyle]

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