Pokémon Café Mix Is Now Available For Free On The Switch eShop

A week after its big reveal during the Pokémon Presents live stream, the handheld-only puzzle game Pokémon Café Mix is now available on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a free-to-start download and allows you to make purchases to regain hearts, continue puzzles, and get helpful items. Here’s the official announcement from Nintendo of America:

Your new Pokémon café is officially open for business! Solve puzzles and serve some yummy drinks & dishes with your new Pokémon friends in #PokemonCafeMix, available now for #NintendoSwitch!

In this game, you’re required to link together Pokémon icons to clear puzzles as you build up your very own cafe. You’ll also have to recruit pocket monsters to help you out and serve Pokémon customers at the same time.

Keep in mind, this game is also free to download on Android and iOS devices. Will you be downloading it on any of your devices? Leave a comment below.

[Source: Nintendolife.com]

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