RPG Maker MV Gets A New Switch Release Date After Lengthy Delay

NIS America has confirmed a new release date for the upcoming RPG Maker MV. It’ll launch on Switch on 8th September in North America, slightly later on 11th September in Europe, and a week later on the 18th in Oceania.

The game was originally planned to launch way back in February 2019 before being delayed, and while we’ve had quite the wait since then, it’s good to see that a new date has been locked in. RPG Maker MV gives you an assortment of tools to create your very own RPG story, allowing you to share your adventures with others online.

If you need a quick recap, hopefully this feature list will come in handy:

Key Features:
– Your Next Adventure Begins Here –
A high-fantasy tale of knights and dragons? A modern story of high school romance? A chronicle of gods and demons? If you can dream it, you can make it!
Game Development Made Easy – Say goodbye to complicated coding! This software provides seamless navigation and development with straightforward world and character creation, overworld customisation, and more!
Make, Upload, Play! – Enjoy games made by fellow creators with the RPG Maker MV Player, free for download and play, even without the RPG Maker MV editor!
An Endless Fountain of Customisaton – With hundreds of graphical assets and an infinite number of possibilities to create your very own world and story, the sky’s the limit!

Have you been keeping an eye out for this one? Did you ever play RPG Maker Fes on the 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Nintendolife.com]

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