Thunderbolt Joins The Arcade Archives Roster Today

Hamster has announced that NMK and Jaleco’s side-scrolling shmup P-47 Thunderbolt is joining its Arcade Archives range today.

Originally released on Jaleco’s Mega System 1 arcade system back in 1988, P-47 Thunderbolt (also known as “P-47: The Freedom Fighter” and “P-47: The Phantom Fighter” elsewhere in the world) is set during World War II and tasks you with destroying air, land and sea enemies while collecting power-ups and boosting your speed with special pick-ups. Two players can play cooperatively.

The game was ported to a wide range of systems shortly after its release in the ’80s, with the Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and PC Engine / Turbografx-16 getting ports. A sequel, entitled P4-7 Aces, was released on the more powerful Mega System 32 arcade hardware in 1995.

You can check out the full Arcade Archives range here.

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